As a non-profit theatre we rely heavily on the generosity of our patrons & local companies to continue our mission to inspire, educate & entertain those in our community. As registered 501(c)(3) all donations made to the Heritage Players are tax deductible.


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    Donation Levels

    Founding Fathers $2500+
    Revolutionaries $500 - $2499
    Stars and Stripes $250 - $499
    Minutemen $100 - $249
    Patriots $25 - $99
    Bugle Boys $1 - $24

    2024 Donors


    The Marlowe Family
    Adrien King

    Bugle Boys

    Caerrigan Price
    Veronica White
    Anonymous (12)

    2023 Donors

    Stars and Stripes

    Brandon Rauch
    Briana Kent


    Michele & Ken Gibson
    Ackner-Loring family
    Benjamin Green
    Jay & Kathie Breckenridge
    Thomas Szejko


    Shauna Marlowe
    James Jenkins
    Jeanne Fiore
    Kelly Maloney
    Linda K Hafer
    Mike & Paula Ziemski
    Shauna Marlowe
    William & Linda Kent
    Rosemary Rosella
    John Serpa
    Hopi & Travis Myers-Arrigoni
    The Donahue Family
    Anonymous (4)

    Bugle Boys

    Emily Janitor
    Dave Neuhart
    Douglas Guerra
    Jennifer Cummings
    Lisa Eperesi
    Mary Kirby
    Susan Zimecki
    Timothy Burak
    Abby Savitz
    Amanda Ewaskey
    Consuelo Cruz-Martinez
    Dawn Field
    Donna Salazar
    Eddie Davis
    Hartle Kathy
    Janet Stolze
    Judy Yadrick
    Krista Pratley
    Maggie McDermott
    Norman Wash
    Sally Arrigoni
    Sean Russell
    Eddie Kunz
    Anonymous (16)


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